We believe in Jewelry as an artistic expression

KimyaJoyas is a Jewelry workshop, focused on quality craftsmanship and design. We make versatile jewelry, one of a kind pieces and limited series with a marked contemporary accent, created for you to feel comfortable and you can wear them every day.

Our collection of Contemporary Jewelry is made of silver and oxidized silver, adding natural stones, pearls, enamel and other metals to give luminosity and color to the designs, taking care of the details and with the charm of the hand finish.

A jewel is the expression of how you feel, dare to be different and look Unique.

Our customers, our inspiration

To hear from you is one of the pleasures of making Jewelry. Knowing that you’re glad, that it’s just what you expected, that it makes you feel special. Each jewel is made with care, intention and beauty. Handmade Contemporary Jewelry has that personal touch that makes it unique, it is made for you.

Write any time you want, we love to hear from you! 

Contemporary jewelry

The workshop

We are a small workshop, where each piece is treated with special care. The handcrafted jewelry requires time, in design and in realization, so that it results a product of quality and attractive. Each stone we use is selected for its beauty and quality, seeking to be unique and themselves, small works of art. We are creative people, who are continually adding new pieces to the catalogue, researching ideas and looking for ways to turn inspiration into jewelry.

Muses arrive in many formats, written words, received images, forms in nature, architecture and its geometric lines.

With the simplicity of our designs is also included a attention call that does not pretend to go unnoticed.

We hope that, after your visit to this page, we can connect with you and that despite the distance, you know us a little more.