Pearl Oxidized Silver Earrings - Nit 4

KimyaJoyas is a line of contemporary jewelry, limited series and one of a kind pieces made from silver and oxidized silver. My designer line is created with gemstones, pearls, enamel, focusing in a high quality craftsmanship, adding other metals such as gold, brass, copper, using noble and natural elements.

I make modern jewelry, with a simple and minimal design, to feel comfortable, elegant and unique. My jewelry is inspired by nature, and created as small sculptures with their own space, and which in their own way tells stories.

My jewelry is handmade, every piece is unique, please allow small imperfections and difference, it is part of its beauty.

All my pieces are designed and created by me, Sonia Ollero, in my workshop in Alicante, Spain. 

About me

AKOLASIA - Lodolite Quartz Ring

I am Sonia Ollero. I did course as silversmith and enameller in Madrid Arts and Crafts School

I like to experiment in other areas, such as iron, ceramic, silk paint, and many other. This has enhanced my metal creations. For me jewelry pieces are as small sculpture with their own space and sense and which in their own way tells stories.

I design and make pieces in diverse metals and materials, I create limited series and one of a kind pieces in silver, gold, natural stones, pearls… Each collection has a different character but a single trend: the expression of what I feel and see in the natural environment.

For a while now I live in a rural milieu and my inspiration comes basically from nature, its sounds and images. 

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