Stud Earrings

Unique Silver Stud Earrings

Silver stud earrings? Yes! But do they have to be boring?

At KimyaJoyas we know that you like short earrings, they are comfortable, lightweight, and without renouncing elegance.

The accessories have a lot to add to your outfit, and whether it’s for work, shopping, or a formal dinner, your earrings have to talk about you.

Certainly, there are jewels that don’t go out of style, classics that never fail you. What if we turn those classics into pieces with a more avant-garde character?

For example, Pearls, associated with conservative designs, in our stud earrings, take importance and mix with other materials, with more breaking shapes.

Our collection of short earrings is completed with enameled pieces, hoops, embossed earrings, gold vermeil earrings and our beautiful collection with Herkimer diamond quartz.

Each earring in this collection is handmade, treated with the same care that we put in each jewel, and finished, in some models, with patina to darken the silver, one of our marks of identity.


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