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Ocean Jasper Earrings in oxidized silver and gold



Ocean Jasper earrings made in silver and a dot of 22 carats gold. Finished with a dark patina.

  • Size: 62 x 13 mm.

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Ocean Jasper Earrings in oxidized silver and gold

These beautiful Ocean Jasper earrings will be a perfect complement to wear at any time.
Earrings that will certainly make you feel unique and distinguished with any outfit. Wear them with jeans and do not give up elegance in your day to day.
The earrings are made in silver and a point of gold of 22 carats. Finally, they are finished with a dark patina applied on the silver, getting a beautiful contrast of color.

In conclusion, you will love wearing these earrings all day long.

These earrings with Jasper, in earth tones, will be a different gift for someone you love.

  • Size: 62 mm. x 13 mm.

The name Jasper comes from the Greek “iaspis”, which means “stained stone”.
It is said that Ocean Jasper is a multicolored stone that connects with joy and favors expansion and relaxation.
It is a stone associated with the heart chakra, with a gentle and loving action.

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