I believe in Jewelry as an artistic expression

My name is Sonia Ollero, I am a jeweler and my personal brand is Kimya-Joyas. Design and make jewelry is my passion and my profession. In my small workshop, each piece is treated with special care, with the necessary time to result in a quality and attractive product. I select each stone for its beauty, uniqueness and quality. The stones, in themselves, are small works of art. I am a creative person and I am constantly adding new pieces to my catalog, researching ideas and looking for ways to turn inspiration into jewelry. The muses come in many formats, written words, sensed images, shapes in nature, in architecture and its geometric lines. My designs are simple and feminine, and include a call for attention that is not intended to go unnoticed.

KimyaJoyas is a jewelry workshop, focused on quality craftsmanship and design. I make versatile jewelry, unique pieces and limited series with a strong contemporary accent, created to make you feel comfortable and wear them every day. My contemporary jewelry collection is made in silver and oxidized silver, adding natural stones, pearls, enamel and other metals to give luminosity and color to the designs, taking care of the details and with the beauty of the handmade finish. A jewel is the expression of how you feel, dare to be different and look unique.