Gemstone Rings

One of a Kind Silver Rings

We present you our collection of Gemstone Rings, totally one of a kind pieces.
Each ring is handmade in silver, with gemstones carefully chosen.
Each ring reflects the natural beauty of the stone, with a simple design
The rings, of minimalist and contemporary design, enhance the natural beauty of the stone, free from artifice.
As each piece is unique, there is no variety of sizes, being possible to make a similar design with a particular stone.
The stones are chosen based on their beauty and quality, resulting in pieces that are totally unique and exclusive.
If you want a ring with a particular stone that you cannot find, ask us, we will try to satisfy your desire, looking for the stone that fits your design.
If you like a particular design, with a different stone, contact us. We will make your design adapted to your size.


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