Gemstone Earrings

Unique Gemstone Earrings

Our collection of Gemstone Earrings is distinguished by its unusual and modern design. Unique pieces, totally exclusive, which are made entirely by hand in silver, oxidized silver and gold. We select the stones on the basis of their quality and beauty.
Our simple but daring designs bring to light all the potential and charm of the stones, framing them to make them stand out even more.
The earrings in this collection will dress you with contemporary elegance. With a timeless and modern style, they are pieces that do not go unnoticed.
In addition, they are very flattering, and you will see how they change your casual look into a cool and sophisticated outfit.
Each stone defines the design of the earring and because of its uniqueness, no two are alike. Your earrings will only be yours.
The stones emit a special vibration. Each one of us is attracted to some of them in particular. Let yourself be carried away by that intuition, because that will be your pair.
This collection is constantly renewed by adding new designs. As they are one of a kind pieces, they cannot be reproduced. But if you see a stone that attracts your attention “out of stock”, please ask us. We will try to find the same type of stone, adapting the design to the new material.
If you like a particular stone and you don’t find it in the catalogue, contact us.

You can visit the Gallery of One of a kind pieces sold, and write to us if you want more information.


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